The Magic Land of Shanshan is a Mystic Land of dreams, and those who would go there will only be those who will be called. Only those who, in their dreams or in their fashion explorations, will be entreated to come, would venture into that Magic Land.
The clothes she presented were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and express such a sensuousness. A Dreamer is a very special kind of person, who could guess other people’s dreams. If you find a Dreamer, you could tell them what you wanted them to dream, and they would dream your dreams for you like Shanshan Ruan.
Shanshan said, ‘Hyères gives us the opportunity to meet people, to build connections, but also, to get us known as designers by the profession, to let people hear our voice, know about our work, our stories. Hyères is not just an event that happens and ends, it’s a continuation.’  Shanshan is a contradiction and a combination of real pure dreamer. We support Shanshan Ruan on Canal-luxe.


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